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FAQ - Mulch

What is the recommended thickness?

In order to obtain significant results, we recommend 2 to 3 inches of SBC 100% cedar mulch.

What surface does a bag of SBC 100% cedar mulch cover?

2 cu. feet (56 L) bag will cover approximately: 8 sq. feet (0.7 m2) at 3” (7.6 cm) thickness
12 sq. feet (1.1 m2) at 2” (5.0 cm) thickness
24 sq. feet (2.2 m2) at 1” (2.5 cm) thickness

3 cu. feet (85 L) bag will cover approximately: 12 sq. feet (1.1 m2) at 3” (7.6 cm) thickness
18 sq. feet (1.6 m2) at 2” (5.0 cm) thickness
36 sq. feet (3.2 m2) at 1” (2.5 cm) thickness

How does SBC 100% cedar mulch prevent weed infestation?

Mulch acts as a barrier against sunlight, thus limiting growth of weeds.

Is colored mulch unsafe for my cat / dog?

According to current information provided by our colorant manufacturer, the pigments used in the manufacturing of SBC colored cedar mulch are physiologically harmless.

Is mulch harmful to the growth of my plants?

As mulch is left on the surface and not mixed with the soil, its impact on the nitrogen immobilization is weak. Moreover, cedar composts very slowly, contrary to other mulches. The advantages of cedar mulch on the conservation of soil moisture and its slow decomposition dominate the absorption of nitrogen which can be involved.

Can SBC 100% cedar mulch be applied in my vegetable garden?

Yes, at the feet of your plants and in the alleys. However, it is not recommended to mix mulch with the soil at the end of the season, since it will seek to use nitrogen for its decomposition to the detriment of your next season plants.

What is the pH level of SBC 100% cedar mulch?

pH level varies depending on the ageing of mulch - nearly 5 for colored mulch, and 6 for natural mulch.

Is SBC 100% cedar mulch organic?

SBC 100% cedar mulch is 100% organic and non-toxic.

Can we fertilize plants when there is mulch?

Yes, it is possible to fertilize plants even though there is mulch on the ground.

Follow the instruction of dilution from the fertilizer manufacturer, remove mulch from the foot of the plants on a surface which corresponds to the area of the roots, and apply the recommended amount of fertilizer. Put back SBC 100% cedar mulch in place.

What is SBC 100% cedar mulch made of?

Mulch is made of cedar residues coming from our Eastern white cedar shingle mill (heartwood, bark, sawdust, straws). Residues are thereafter ground in order to obtain the desired granulometry and dyed when necessary.

How long does mulch last?

You will admire SBC 100% cedar mulch during several years. However it is recommended to add mulch every year in order to enhance its color and to give back its aspect of lightness.

What colorants are used to dye mulch?

We use iron oxide and carbon black base pigments.

Are colorants safe for the environment?

According to our supplier, the pigments we use are harmless to human beings and to the environment.

Will the color wash off with rain or watering?

Colorants used by SBC are applied according to a process which fixes the pigments on the wood fiber. It can however happen that some particles remain on the surface of fibers and are diluted at the first rain or watering. This does not affect the lasting of SBC colored mulch.

How long will the color last?

According to information provided by the colorant manufacturer, SBC colored cedar mulch keeps its bright color one season. But as a reminder, it is recommended to add new mulch every year for mulch to keep its aspect of lightness.

Which colors are available?

SBC 100% cedar mulch is available Natural, Red, Black and Brown.

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